About The Artist - Ashley Brickner

Ashley Brickner is a Pencil Artist based out of Greenville, SC.She discovered her talent and love of drawing people’s faces around the age of nine shortly after moving to a third childhood home due to her father’s job.

Ashley was home sick in bed one day with nothing but a few magazines, pencils, and paper to keep her occupied between resting. She tried drawing a model in the magazine by only looking at the photo and amazed herself that she could do it. When she returned to her new school, she experimented with secretly drawing kids in the class sitting across from her, then would set the drawings on their desks to see their reactions. It became a fun way for her to make friends in her new school and she would go on to do the same in 7th grade for the family’s next and final move to Greenville, SC.

Although she has lived in South Carolina for most of her life, she considers herself to still be a Louisiana girl since she spent her young childhood growing up on the North shore of New Orleans in Mandeville. New Orleans culture made a strong impression on Ashley and she has regularly visited Louisiana family friends one to two times per year since moving away at the age of seven. She attributes many of her artistic inspirations to come from the strolls she took through Jackson Square every weekend as a child, her grandparents who were professional ballroom dancers, and her mother who is a potter and jewelry artist. 


Studio Crimson LLC started in August 2006, when Ashley and her sister Elizabeth (an oil painter) decided to open an art studio together in downtown Greenville, SC at the Art Crossing Riverplace Building on the Reedy River. After four years, Ashley left in 2010 to take care of her newborn son Collin while still holding down a full time banker’s position. It wasn’t until February 2013 that Ashley became a full time artist.

After being successfully self-employed for 5 years without a space to call her own, in January 2018, Ashley opened an art gallery in downtown Greenville in the lower level of a historic building located at 14 S. Main Street to establish a “home base” called Open Art Studios (OAS). In addition to displaying her own artwork, Ashley also displays local artworks of approximately 18 hand-picked artists (Artist Partners) ranging from seasoned to brand new.

Ashley has a passion for the business and marketing side of art and regularly consults artists on how to improve their art sales. She also has a weekly training session called the Business of Art for creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Ashley is a dedicated artist, business woman, mother, and wife. She believes that leading by example is the only way to lead and hopes to inspire other young minds to trust their instincts and embrace their God given talents.